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Please be aware of the forthcoming emergency maintenance on the Inmarsat APAC GSPS Network. This activity is required to carry out verification and validation tests of the new Warkworth antenna with the Auckland GSPS NCC-GW and Beijing NGW. All APAC GSPS traffic will be routed through the Warkworth antenna. This maintenance period includes up to 40 minutes of service outage and up to 30 minutes of service degradation.

The details and timeline of the changes are reported below:

Activity: APAC GSPS Verification Test with Warkworth antenna
Services affected: GSPS
Regions/Spots affected: APAC
Start of Maintenance period: 12th April 2021 18:00 (UTC)
End of Maintenance period: 12th April 2021 21:00 (UTC)
Single or Multiple Outage(s) and duration(s): There will be two 20 minutes GSPS service outages on rerouting the RFS and reconfiguring the GSC
Outage Impact: APAC GSPS Service will be interrupted
Actions needed by user: None

Abbreviations and their meaning

  • Americas I-4 = Satelite responsible for the region of North- and Southamerica
  • APAC = Asia Pacific
  • BGAN = Broadband Global Area Nework. Inmarsat service for BGAN devices
  • CDR = Call Detail Record
  • EMEA = Satellite responsible for the region of European Middle East Africa
  • FB or FBB = FleetBroadBand. Inmarsat service for FBB devices
  • GSPS = Global Satellite Phone Service. Inmarsat voice service for IsatPhone
  • IRIS = Remote monitoring and control system
  • SB or SBB = SwiftBroadBand. Inmarsat service for SBB devices
  • TBC = To be confirmed
  • UTC = Universal Time