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Inmarsat – Service outage and degradation – EMEA – RESOLVED

We would like to update you on the planned recovery work to restore the EMEA satellite to full operation.

Please be advised that Inmarsat-C and Classic Aero services were successfully transitioned from the contingency configuration back to the EMEA satellite between July 27th 2355UTC and July 28th 0030UTC.

This completes the reconfiguration of the EMEA satellite to normal operations. Our teams will continue to monitor services closely to ensure performance and address any residual issues.

Abbreviations and their meaning

  • Americas I-4 = Satelite responsible for the region of North- and Southamerica
  • APAC = Asia Pacific
  • BGAN = Broadband Global Area Nework. Inmarsat service for BGAN devices
  • CDR = Call Detail Record
  • EMEA = Satellite responsible for the region of European Middle East Africa
  • FB or FBB = FleetBroadBand. Inmarsat service for FBB devices
  • GSPS = Global Satellite Phone Service. Inmarsat voice service for IsatPhone
  • IRIS = Remote monitoring and control system
  • SB or SBB = SwiftBroadBand. Inmarsat service for SBB devices
  • TBC = To be confirmed
  • UTC = Universal Time